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Bob Dylan was awful

We went to the Dylan show in Ypsilanti, Mi. to see Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello. Elvis was solo, and he was really splendid!!! Bob on the other hand, was terrible. His voice was gruff and only clear every so often, but only for a moment. We could barely make out the words to Rainy Day Women, and basically, ALL of the songs he "sang". It was disappointing as hell. He needs to get a rocker, and start making sweaters, because his voice is toast, and he no longer has a good product. It was a performance by a legend, but not a legendary performance. Even his band mates seemed disgusted - Bob lost tempo several times, and they had to make up for it. Somehow they ended up on the same page in most cases, but it usually took the whole song which leads me to think he dubbed in his voice every now and again to avoid being completely not understandable. He should be ashamed. I understand he is old, and who he is, but he shouldn't charge to hear him anymore. What a shame...
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